PDP503HDE - Input toggle..


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Just connected my DVD Player / Recorder to my Plasma using "input 3" (which is RGB).. If i am watching normal TV or through my Freeview box and switch on my DVD Player it switches automatically to input 3 with no picture ? it's only when i go through all the inputs again to input 3 that i get a picture ? any clues.. just that it's bugging me a little bit.. i have input changed the player/recorder to accept rgb just like the plasma


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Hmmm, not having that problem on my 434, but I assume you have realised that it takes some time for a picture to appear under certain circumstances? In the first place, the input switching takes ages (at least on the 4 series), but aside from that, my DVD player, for example, takes quite a while to display an image from switch-on. Is it possible that you are just "jumping the gun" but by the time you change back to input 3, everything has settled down?



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mmm, could be jumping the gun - always get the complaint the I am a little premature :) .. i will try tonight, however i think i have left it for a while ? , let you know m8


If you use some of that 'delay' cream on your hand, maybe you'll drop the remote instead of fiddling with it. Then you'll be leaving it long enough. The scart control signal is probably sent at the instant of power up, so it could easily be the problem. There might be an option, like there is on Sky, to turn off scart control. That would stop the auto switching.

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