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Mar 30, 2006
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Ok guys. I’m probably setting myself up to be shot down here, but here goes…

I did something very out of character a couple of weeks ago and impulsively bought a Pioneer 436XDE plus side speakers from the Comet clearance auction site. The set was sold as “used/returned” and my winning bid was £1,335.

Now, I know that you can get the new 4207XD for about the same price, but I figured that as this was such a discounted price compared to what you would have to pay for the 436XDE (plus speakers) six months ago, it was still a good deal.

Well, the set was delivered yesterday and it looks fab. I switched it on, wondering whether I would get a nasty surprise, but no, the picture is great. As advised on these boards, I turned down the contrast and other settings and prepared myself for a couple of weeks “snow” to run the TV in.

This is when things start to go downhill… Again, using the instructions on these boards, I accessed the Service menu to check out the hours on the clock. The answer? 3,700. :eek: I then checked the date of manufacture on the back – September 2005. Unacceptable!! :mad:

Obviously, I am very disappointed and no little bit angry. Apart from the “mis-sale” of what is presumably an ex-display TV, I am also aware of some of the flaws with some of the earlier models.

The obvious thing to do is to ring/write to complain and return it. However… The set is gorgeous, shows no sign of damage by way of screen retention or burn. In fact, I have turned the settings back up to more useable levels and tried to create a problem – to no avail.

So, I’m thinking maybe ring up, rant and rave and argue some compensation based on a mis-sale – after all, 3,700 hrs is only <>5% of the TV’s life. Would others agree with this stance, or am I missing something fundamental here? :confused:

All thoughts/views gratefully received…
Sorry mate

If you knew it was returned/ used where is the miss sale.

Secondly, if there is nothing wrong whats the problem

Third this set was &#163;2700 new!!

Looks a good deal to me and nothing has been done wrong by the retailer.
You may be right. However, I would interpret "used/returned" as someone having bought it but returned it because they weren't happy. 3,700 hours represent a full-years' viewing, 12 hours a day! To me, that's "second-hand". But you are right of course about the pricing. But this is why I am in two minds.

I guess also, in the back of my mind, I wondering whether I should have bought the new model for the same price.
I think you know the real answer. 3,700 hours is hell of a long time and I wouldn't be happy with it, but Comet did sell it as used. You won't have a leg to stand on if you argue with them, so If you do want it replaced I'd suggest you ask them very nicely.
You could try it on and test there Xmas spirit but in all honesty, you must be pretty daft to expect anything less than what you have received. An auction too! Just try them but at the end of the day you have a TV which is in your own words great and will last you longer than you need it to!:thumbsup:
Just ask yourself this- is this a fair price for a used 436xde with speakers, without faults or burn in and in pristine condition? if the answer is yes then be happy:)
Remember that the 436xde is a much higher spec plasma then a 4207XD as well..

The PDP-4270XD would be the new ver of the 436SXE..which was much much cheaper than a 436xde..The 436SXE was about &#163;1800 where the 436xde with speakers and stand was about &#163;2600
Daft? Damn, my wife must be right about me...

Ok, I just checked the Comet clearance site again and checked their categories. Ultimately, it comes down to expectation. As well as the category "used and returned", there is another for "ex-display" and another for "refurbished". I am amazed that Comet or anyone would allow a user to return a TV after 3,700 users, so I reckon they categorized it wrongly. This would be my point of contention as I wouldn't have knowingly bought "ex-display".

However, it does seem to be a great set and no-one yet has suggested that I am a mug and should have bought the new model (tempting fate? ;) ).

I think I will dwell on it for a few days...
However, it does seem to be a great set and no-one yet has suggested that I am a mug and should have bought the new model (tempting fate? ;) ).

I payed about £2500 for my pioneer 436xde with speakers & wallmount only about 6 months ago....

I say the price you payed would be very close to the secondhand going rate for a 436xde with speakers & stand..
personally i think you have bought a very good plasma working fine and certainly at a good price......my advice, sit back and enjoy it ....ive had mine now 13 months and rate it as one of the best buys ive ever made :thumbsup:
Thanks for the many thoughts guys. This is exactly why I love this Forum!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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