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I'm really keen to get my grubby mits on one of these before they disappear completely.

The best price I've found is on 121electricals.co.uk
Total: £2279.98 with speakers inc VAT & Delivery.

I read an old thread that listed some discount codes for Currys & Dixons but now that the product is end-of-life Currys are selling off demo units for £1999.98 but I definitely want a new/sealed unit.

Can anyone who's bought one recently offer any help?

Thanks in advance


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They simply ain't worth the silly money people still want (nearly 2.5 G's when you have your cables) considering the only real advantage could be argued that it looks better and is built better than most top end plasma's (panny, hitachi) but is technically not much better or no better at all.
I would go for the 58 series Fujitsu if you are going to spend 2 thousand and something pounds on a plasma TBH friend.


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Agreed. This would be my choice depending on approx budget:

£1500 - Panny PHD8
£2000 - Panny PHD8 (and some goodies!)
£2500 - Fujitsu 58 series

Obviously prices are approximate, before anyone says the Fuji might cost a couple of hundred more!

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