PDP434 and WDTV / HDMI


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Hi all

My father in law has just got a WDTV (Live - the new one) and is having problems getting it working with his old Pioneer PDP434 HDE.

The picture is superb, but the problem is sound - there just isn't any !

I've tried it on several different TV's and they all work just fine, it's just the Pioneer media 'box' doesn't seem to decode the audio (no matter what kind of audio it is : mp3, dts, AC3 etc etc). I've tried playing with the 'audio' settings on both the WDT and the Pioneer 'media box' and none of the settings appear to make any difference.

Could this be an HDMI 1.1/2/3 issue ? The PDP434 is a very old set and (I think) only had HMDI '1' as standard - it works just fine with a SkyHD box though !


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