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I have just ordered one of these from Joe Fernand. Seems a nice Guy, lots of advice. Anyone got one, any comments. Due in Friday Am so will be watching it Friday night. Im connecting the DVD directly to the Screen (denon 2800 Mk2) componemt. The sky box directly to the screen using a js rgb to vga box and into the vga socket. Is this good or dab???

Mines coming from Joe on monday , my Denon 3800 with pal prog should be next week as well ,let us know what its like when its up and running, sounds like your connections are as good as they can be.


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Pete V, installer09 - congrats - join the club!

Pete, your proposed connections sound fine, although with the VGA converter I guess you'll need to switch Sky audio and video separately at the amp and plasma (unless you have a Pronto or similar).

I've had mine 2 weeks now though not enough time to fully configure it. My setup (as of tomorrow when the RGB->Component box arrives) will be:

1. VGA
Laptop/PC -> 433MXE VGA in (stunning picture above 60Hz even with cheap VGA-VGA cable. Well worth a Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse too)

2. Component
Pioneer 656A DVD -> Component Out -> Amp Component In
DTT (Nokia MM) RGB SCART Out -> JS RGB to Component -> Amp Component In
Amp Component Out -> 433MXE Component In

3. Composite
VHS Video -> SCART Out -> SCART splitter -> Composite Out -> Amp Composite In/Audio In -> 433MXE Composite In

The plasma itself is great. Silent and wonderfully bright picture. In terms of settings, I turned down brightness and contrast a notch or 2 mostly through concerns about burn-in rather than picture improvement. You might also want to turn off digital NR on fast moving TV (e.g. sports). However this does introduce a bit of pixel "noise" if you're close enough to the screen to notice (I sit at about 10' and its barely noticeable).

You'll find that Sky/DTT logos will leave an after image (e.g. the score and ITV2 logo after 2 hours of football coverage), but they disappear after a few minutes of further, full screen video playback, so don't have a heart attack when you notice it! :D

You can see the after images most clearly in a dark room just after you switch to an empty input channel (so the screen is on, but blank). This will also show you why the Panny's are said to have the best black levels - the "blank" screen on the 433MXE is actually still bright enough to let you see where you're moving around in a dark room! However, in reality, you get used to the black level on most footage and can happily leave your room lights on or dimmed during movie watching. I haven't tried a dark movie with the lights off yet, but this would probably be the only circumstance where the black level might bother you.

Will be very interested to hear how the Denon PAL progressive players look as I've had horrible problems with jaggies on interlaced PAL from my Pioneer (which is otherwise a great player).

Finally for a shot of what the screen looks like (if you haven't seen it already) seehere

Have fun when it arrives and please post your own pics/ observations.


pete v

Hah Joe said he had another going out on Monday. Will try to let you know what i Think over the weekend. Had my 2800 converted to multi region and pal prog. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Have heard it as had it set up so in stereo it plays through a pair of B&w 603 s3, they are excellent.

What speakers and amp did u go for???

Ive got a Denon avc 10se and a Denon poa-t power amp , ive just bought new speakers and havnt tried them yet , b & w cdm 1nt , and matching centre etc , will be very interested in how your pal prog looks. Ive got sky+ so im going to see how it looks with s-video but will probably go for the rgb to component converter later.

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