PDP-LX608 or TH65PF10


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At the risk of starting a war, can anyone give me an objective point of view.
I have a Panny TH-50PHD7 now, and want a bigger HD set.


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Wait for LX609 :)


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The LX6090 is out next month, and it looks like it will be significantly cheaper than the current model. We'll know definite UK pricing next week, so I recommend that you wait. The LX6090 will have black levels 5 x lower than the current model, which is already an outstanding TV.


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I can't see anything relevant in post 279 as to what would sway your vote, can you elaborate?:confused:

I think it the bit where he goes "see the picture I have taken with my Nokia
N73" or something to that effect.:rotfl::rotfl:

No...seriously...I think it's because he mentions 65" and you can just make out the name Panasonic on the TV hanging on the wall in the pictures.:D


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I'd vote for the PF65 as well. Had mine for a good few months and more than happy with it. Surprisingly good scaling on it - i.e. Sky doesn't look too bad without an eternal scaler.

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