PDP 436PG Pioneer with no media reciever


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I have been given a pioneer PDP 436PG panel with no media receiver, i have programmed my harmony one to the tv model. on the back of the panel there is a dvi connection, and another one called mdr.. in the pioneer manual it says that there is only two ways to make the panel work
1. the media receiver box
2. with a powered pc

i have 3 htpc computers, all intel based and fairly new, a few laptops and i can not seem to get any of the pc's to show a picture on the panel.. i am using a hdmi to dvi converter. does anyone have any idea of how it may be possible to get this working?? thankyou so much for any advice.


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Anyone? I have read so many different threads with different answers from people..to explain abit more, one of my htpc has an nvidia gpu. The other two rely on the intel cpu graphics chip.i have tried hdmi to dvi converter and vga to dvi convertermy laptop runs windows 8.1 and cant seem to detect the screen, my htpcs run openelec/linux varient and cant seem to work either..the adaptor i am using is hdmi to dvi-d.. so,me people say they can get it working straight from a laptop or pc using this converter. The user service training manual says it will work with a powered pc. What am i doing wrong? I have found the same screen with the media receiver for 100 dollars. Is it worth it? I really just want to wall mount the screen at my work and have images displayed..


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Also if i was to buy the second screen with media receiver, would i be able to use some kind of dvi duplicator and mdr duplicator so that i could wall mount both win the same images running from each, just off the one media receiver? Any help would be so breatly appreciated..


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so i have got a bit further.. i plugged in a bluray player and am getting a picture coming through, the resolution is way out. only showing half the picture and then switches back into standby mode after about 2 minutes.. so this makes me question why the bluray player is working and the htpcs are not.
i have a boxee box which was basically a paper weight but now i am thinking i can make use of it
the resolutions of the boxee box can be changed between 1080p, 1080i 50h, 1080i, 720p, 460.
other options on there are rgb high, rgb low, yuv 22, yuv 44. 24 bit, 30, bit 32 bit.
aand there is an edid on/off option..

so what i am wondering now is if i get the right resolution it could pass through the video. and if anyone here is familiar with these models, would there be a way to stop the tv from switching back into standby mode after two minutes?
surely it would be some switch that could be replaced in the back of the tv with just some soldering.


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There is no "switch in the back of the Tv" that can be replaced.
There can be many reasons and faults causing the set to drop back to standby.

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