PDP-436 and sky hd.


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Im thinking of getting sky hd,the only thing that worries me is the sky logos being burnt into my screen.Is this a common problem with this display?Are the ways to avoid it?Cheers for any help.Sorry 436xde if any help


In my experience, yes, it can be a problem. Sky logos aren't a problem, but I do have some minor burn from accidentally leaving BBC News 24 on for a few hours.
Fortunately it's not too bad, but it still pees me off :mad:
Avoid any news channels that have big static logos and tickertape running along the bottom of the screen, and keep your contrast below 35.


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It's a real pain with "the interactive red button" or any deep logo on the right hand side of the screen. My daughter loves cbeebies so this was becoming a problem (I have a 436), however when watching via Sky simply press pause then play again and the deep logo does not show. It's not gonna change the world but it's a small solution.:smashin:


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I use the 436XDE with Sky HD, and channels with prominent logos on screen do cause some problems with image retention. In my experience, the screen has become less prone to this over time, but I'd certainly second the recommendation of avoiding leaving news channels on for extended periods of time.

On channels where the red interactive button comes up on screen, simply pressing the back up button on the remote gets rid of it without having to pause the program.


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There's a setting in the Sky set top box these days that allows you to set the time out period for "press red" interactive logos and the like, so that they disappear after 15 or 30 seconds (can't remember which).

No need to press backup ever again!!

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