PDC World Darts Championships 2011/2012

Well its that time of the year again, when it official becomes Christmas with the darts starting :)

Anyone watching this evening or do you wait till the later rounds?

Should be another cracking tournament this year


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I'm watching the odd game here and there, I must admit I do only tend to switch on when the big boys are playing. Saw Baxter go out this morning. I can't stand Lewis, hope he gets egg on his face at some point! :)

Is it just me or have the Ladbrokes girls got er 'bigger' this year?! ;)

Miss Mandy

I've been watching the odd game here and there. I've only just started getting into darts over the last couple of months so I don't know who's who and all that, but I'll learn in due course.


Great game last night - Anderson V Artut
Anderson should've been on the train back to Scotland - lucky man!!!!


What about barney getting knocked out?

No great surprise to be honest - he doesn't seem to be the player he once was.
Sky won't be happy as they can't flog the old "Barney V Taylor" thing this year:D

Van Gerwen was good last night - the speed of some of his combination darts was fantastic. Strange looking bloke though!
True !!!

I cant watch at night due to working till 10pm, just been catching up on the repeat this morning on sky.

Anderson V Artut at the min, how many times did he miss those darts before he went 2-0 down !!!

shocking !!!!


Great display by Whitlock
I like him, would love to see him do well!


Good stuff from Dave Chisnall as Taylor exits - great for the tournament.

Blue Triangles

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Taylor out but Sky will remind us of it every 20 minutes or so right up until the toutnament end.

By the way; anyone know what the music is that's played during the slow-mo replays that are shown when they return from a break?

Sly Fly

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Epic Epic Epic day's (and night's) darts.

Wonderfully surreal. Quality of the highest level. Wanted Whitlock to go through but hey ho - will settle for Lewis retaining his title if he can manage it. Let's hope the air con is off. ;)


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Any predictions for the final?

I'm going for a 7-2 Lewis win.

Don't really like lewis epecially after last nights goings on but think he will have too much for the hammer.
Lewis aswell if he plays like he can do as shown last night.

I think it could be abit embarrassing for Hamilton.



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Aside from lewis almost getting a 9 darter its been a pretty poor final so far.


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Seemed to be a bit of a let down the final, perhaps the two semi-finals took it out of both players. Great tournament though, better to have a great tournament and a disappointing final, than a disappointing tournament and an epic final.

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