PDC info from a WinTV Card?

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    Although I'm pleased with Digiguide for providing me with my listings, one thing it can't do is allow for changes to schedules (which is happening frequently at the moment). VCR's usually have PDC built in to reschedule the recordings but there's no provision for this in Digiguide or any other scheduling programmes I've seen.

    Is there any software currently available that can pick up PDC signals from a TV card?I suspect not, but I've found a page about PDC - http://625.uk.com/pdc .IIRC all channels use Teletext to send the signal but only itv, Channel 4 and Five have special "Clock Cracker" pages which show a screen with the PDC data on it in text form - pages 6aa (page 699 then Red fastext) , 3aa ( Page 399 then Red fastext) and 5aa(PAge 598 then Red fastext) respectively.

    I could write a script using the Hauppauge VTPlus program to grab the signals from these chanels but not from the BBC. On the webpage, it has info on which lines contain the PDC info so would it be feasible to write some code directly addressing the TV card to get at the signal?

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