PD30 PS Prblems


Jason Jackson

My 36PD30 has a series of 3-4" long fairly faint horizontal lines down the right hand side of the screen. They are particularly noticable on Prog scan mode in PAL.

I know that the PD30 doesn't really like PAL PS and that others have had problems in this mode (faint pale line on right hand of screen) but has anyone else had the problem I describe?

If so is there a service menu fix or is this just the artifacts associated with PD30 in this mode?

many thanks


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I've noticed on progressive/component a slight 'moire' effect on the very right hand side of the screen in a 50mm wide vertical band. (not immediately noticeable but there). It's a progressive setting issue as it's apparent on DVD and using the progressive setting when watching freeview...

This is using the 32" PD30 with a Denon DVD 2200.

I too would like to know if it's service menu fixable.


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Hi Emm/Jason

Looks like you have a similar problem to one I had. Refer to the last few entries in the thread 'PD30 Problems / Faults ' and you will see how it can be fixed in the service menu

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