PD30 geometry problem


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I've just received my second PD30 courtesy of the good folks at JL. I've spent some time adjusting the geometry and I am now fairly happy, apart from one thing - both sides of the screen seem to 'bow in' slightly at the top.

Can I fix this using the service menu? If so, which settings will I need to adjust?




I printed out a post but haven't got the name of the contributor and can't find the post now however....

Top Corner = Pulls in or pushes out the two top corners
Bottom Corner = Pulls in or pushes out the bottom corners

The same post contained a list of 19-20 explained codes



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Hi Icarus,

Many thanks for this information. I had spotted the settings in the Service Menu but was unsure as to their purpose.




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The 'PARABOLA' setting will also alter this to some degree, but the effect of this is more drastic and depends how badly bent the edges of the screen are.

I can second Icarus' comments though, especially if it is only a small amount of localised bending at the top and bottm corners of the screen.

Whichever you use, as others have suggested, make a note of your settings prior to playing!!

Good luck, mate!


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In case anyone is unsure of what to change to fix their problems with this TV here's a list of Service Menu settings and what they do (the ones I know about that is):

H-POS = Moves the picture horizontally
V-POS = Moves the picture vertically
H-AMP = Adjusts the width of the picture
V-AMP = Adjusts the height of the picture
Parabola = Adjusts the edges to be more convex or concave.
Trapezoid = Tilts the picture towards or away from the screen.
H-Parallel = Slants the picture to the left or right.
V-Linear = Adjusts how even the height of the picture is.
Top Corner = Pulls in or pushes out the two top corners
Bottom Corner = Pulls in or pushes out the two bottom corners.
V-S-Correct = [can't remember] ^_^;
C-Correct = Bends the picture in a C shape to the right or left.
H-DAF Phase = Adjusts the focus of the OSD.
High/Low Colour Settings = Adjusts the individual colour levels.
Sub-Bright = Adjusts the distribution of brightness
Sub-Geomagnetic = Not sure how this differs to Geomagnetic
Video Gain 2 = Something to do with PIP mode (brightness?)
SPL Gain = Don't know
SDRAM-F = Don't know, sounds important - best left alone.

I figure this is still on topic since it concerns fixing PD30 problems.

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I really like the PD30. In 32" guise it fits into the same space required by most 28" widescreens and has excellent connectivity.

I got the PD30 to act primarily as a monitor in my home cinema system, and the picture quality is excellent. However, as mentioned earlier in the thread, this is our second PD30. The first example suffered from many of the problems reported elsewhere - 'dirty screen', black crushing, green cast etc. The second example is much better. Perhaps the moral is to buy from a source with a good returns policy. JL have been excellent in this regard.

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