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I`ve taken the plunge and bought a 32PD30, what a TV! However I have a couple of questions that maybe someone could help me with.

I have my Xbox plugged into AV4 using an RGB capable lead, however in the picture menu the option to activate Progressive, or any different mode for that matter, doesn`t appear. Any ideas?

The other annoying thing I`ve noticed particulary watching programmes from my Sky Digi box, is sometimes the colours seem to band together rather than a gradual progression in colour. I`ve had a tinker with the settings with no success and I`m already using a decent Scart lead to connect the two together.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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In order to activate the progressive scan you need.
1. An american XBOX.
2. The high definition kit for the the XBOX.
3. You have to plug it in the components inputs of your TV.
You cannot activate the progressive scan throu SCART ony with the componets inputs.
The European XBOX has no progressive scan output because its locked damn the americans.
Hope i helped you.


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Cheers for the suggestion, I`m still a bit confused though (bear with me). My Sky box is plugged into AV1 using an RGB scart lead and when I go through the picture menu with that set up I can still select all the different modes including Progressive. Surely the same options should be available from AV4? (I`ve just thought of something as I write this, I`ll try swapping the connections over).

With the RGB cable conected to the Xbox, it is capable of delivering an RGB signal, so I don`t see why all the various modes aren`t available. As I understand it, the TV has it`s own on board Progressive mode that simulates a true progressive input via RGB scart, or am I one confused puppy? Help.


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OK you are comfused. :)
Forget about the internal progressive scan capabilities of your tv, the output of your xbox gives you an RGB signal, this is a lot different of the progressive scan output that the xbox can provide thru its components outputs ( using the hi def kit ).
Now if you plug the high def kit on your pal xbox you will get a signal but it will be 576i (interlaced) same as your scart gives you right now because as i told you the pal xboxes are locked.
If you use an american xbox thru components you will get 480p (progressive) or 720p or 1080i but that depents on the game, not all games runs at high resolutions.
The difference between 576i and 480p are huge.
As an alternative you can get a disk named "enigma" that can unlock your xbox and then you can have progressive scan output always from the components outputs ( hi def kit) of course your xbox must have a chip in order to be able to read this disk.
Hope that was more helpfull.


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Wobbly, if you've plugged the Xbox into AV4 using RGB and you have the Xbox set to 60Hz output and have the AV4 set to RGB, the problem may lie in that you are using the upscanning 833i mode of the TV. I think this refreshes at 75hz, so the picture mode is automatically set to progressive (although its not a progressive signal you are seeing). In prgressive mode you can't change the settings.
To find out what picture mode your in press the small +/- button near the top of your remote. As for getting pure progessive scan yes you need an US machine, I ve been playing Ninja Giajen on my US machine in PS and it looks truely amazing although the game is bloody difficult. By the way I don't think the PD30 supports 720p just 480p.


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Cheers for the help lads, much appreciated. Looks like I`m stuck with what I have, although that`s still pretty fantastic. It`s annoying that USA Xbox`s are Hi Def capable but the British ones aren`t. I can`t understand why they have locked that option, after all the hardware is already there but they must have locked it by software, and I don`t really want to chip my Xbox as I`ve heard they are starting to scan and then ban any modded Xbox`s found on Live.

Once again, thanks for your time and help.


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No problem wobbly, by the way you can still use the HD kit on the PAL xbox and the picture quality is better than running it through RGB (i just checked). The colours are better defined for some reason.


I second plugger.
I use a pal xbox with component ( not PS ) and the signal is better than RGB scart. Its worth getting a Hi-def kit even if youre using a PAL Xbox.

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