PD30 after weeks and slight query Regarding Service menu


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Well just got into all this home Cinema malarkey, and after reading review upon review, testing screen upon screen and taking my Budget into account, ended up with a 32 PD30, DMR60, Tannoy FX5.1, and the Panasonic SAXR15 Amp. Been extremely happy with all the equipment so far especially the TV. I read the sticky thread here regarding the TV and although it made slightly apprehensive the screen test of the set I had was very impressive. I had the full setup for two weeks now and have experienced no problems at all with the TV bar Black colours being very black. Besides that the TV gives a depth to the picture that on time borders on amazing. On one film night a friend stated he couldn't believe how "deep the screen is"! Really I can't find anything to really complain about except for a really small quibble regarding the blacks (it’s not a big moan).

I noticed in the sticky many people had tried to improve the black by messing in the service menu. I had a look at this last night and just used the green button to skip through the options. What I did notice was the high green option did not have a number it just had //// in the option. Now is supposed to be like this or is there a problem here. The brightness in the service menu was set to 125 will setting it higher help lighten up the blacks a bit and do you have to press STR to save the changes? If you don't save the changes do they revert to factory settings when you turn the TV off?

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