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Hey there, I'm looking at buying a gaming laptop (I have a gaming desktop this is simply for schoolwork and gaming when im away from home) I've got a budget of around 12-1300 TOPS. I've caught my eye at PCSpecialist, they custom build laptops and PC's. I am looking at the Vortex 3 laptop, this is a redesigned clevo unit. The one I am looking at features an i7 3610qm processor, 8gb Samsung Ram, 128gb SSD (only £20 more than standard 5400rpm hdd!), and a GTX 680m (I chose this over the 7970m because apparantly theres compatibility issues with the Radeon, theres no proper drivers for it for this custom built laptop. and the GTX680 apparantly outperforms it, and slaughters it on battery life (almost twice as much) and its a 4gb card vs radeon's 2gb.
Anyways, I was wondering, is this spec good for the price, 1300, and are their any users here that have went with pcspecialist? can they recommend them? Also, are their any alternatives?
The price includes a 3 year refund or replace warranty, dead pixel protection warranty for 1 year, and no OS. I have windows 7 here anyway.



I used them too. I got an overclocked gaming desktop and its been great for the most part.

I had to use their tech support after a couple of crashes when I first got the PC. It was due to the over clock, RAM timings needed changing. Im always impressed when I get a British person on tech support lines and he knew what he was talking about.


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