PCMCIA flash cards read/write help/advice

Ok so ive started dealing with these PCMCIA cards that hold software on for a certain device i use/sell them with (nothing to do with computers)

However my question is:

How on earth can i read one of these PCMCIA cards? ive got a old ibm laptop on xp with a pcmcia card slot, when i plug the card in i get no notification of the laptop detecting the card. Tried going to the IBM support site and downloading any relevant drivers but still no luck.

Is there some sort of third party software i can use or any other type of device that will let me read and write to PCMCIA cards?

Some oldie must know :)


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PCMCIA is a bit of a mess I recommend reading up the wiki entry to get a better idea of what your dealing with.

Assuming the hardware is compatible with your type of PCMCIA, you need to load the necessary PCMCIA controller driver into Windows. If you have already tried that you could pick up a USB to PCMCIA adapter and if they are just flash storage cards should be readable in Windows.

Another option is try loading a more modern OS like windows 7 or ubuntu on the laptop so it will hopefully have the drivers baked in or go off and get them itself.

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