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I am in the process of purchasing the Pio PDP436XDE which comes with the PDP-R06XE control box. This has a PC card slot and I'm looking for any information as to what type of PCMCIA card this will take. I've looked on the Pio website and can't find any information on it. Any advice would be appreciated?
Secondly, on the Pio website it says that through the PC Card slot .... "you can easily view your own personal, high resolution digital images or enjoy original digital art images from the optional Pioneer 'Home Gallery Collection' software."
Is that "optional" software a chargeable option or do you get it as part of the package? if it is optional, any ideas where you can get it from as again I can't find anything on the Pio website.


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I'm on the brink of buying a 436XDE and I've been told that I would need something like this to view pictures off my camera memory card. I think the Home Gallery thing is all built-in?!?



Yes, the HomeGallery is a built in feature.

And yes, you need an adapter where to attach your storage media to (like the one Antix has pointed to).

What you have to read CAREFULLY in the manual is the description of the PCMCIA-Card supported.
It says "Type pp" which means Parallel Port interface.

As far as I know (and have tried to some success) that this is true for CompactFlash cards which are based on parallel port interface.
It definitely does not work with Sony Memory sticks since these have a serial interface and would only work with an appropriate driver which you cannot instoll on your mediabox.

Another isssue is the picture format.
The manual says that the pictures have to be in JPEG 4-2-2 or 4-2-0 format.
Unfortunately the rendering programs like PhotoShop or IrfanView have no information about which format they store their JPEG images in.

My experience is that
- pictures rendered with IrfanView work well as long as you don't use 'progressive' storage format.
- pictures rendered with PhotoShop don't work because PS in addition to the resolution of the original photo stores the screen resolution as well. However opening the PS saved picture in IrfanView and in the properties window deleting the screen resolution and saving it will do the trick.


No experience at all with other storage media such as SD-cards etc.


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I have a 506XDE and have bought one card that did not work (but is OK for my Laptop) and then got put on to maplin by other Pio users. I bought this http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?criteria=rv29&doy=23m2&source=15 If the link is not working, then got to www.maplin.co.uk and search for item RV29.
This one works fine but I do have problems still with pic types. I thought it was a lack of exif info but the info above may now make sence. At least all my camera pics work fine and look fantastic on the plasma.

An image editor like Total Image Converter may be able to convet pics to the required format according to the their website. Has anyone tried this yet?

Hope it helps

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