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Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding PCM. I understand fairly well how it works. I am currently using a PS5 connected to the TV via HDMI which passes the audio to an older non HDMI soundbar via Optical TOSlink.

I understand that optical cannot handle multichannel PCM due to bandwidth limitations and therefore downsamples it to 2ch.

I am using an LG TV and use the LG Sound Sync as anything else causes an audio delay.

My strange issue is that when selecting PCM as I like the way it sounds, when using menu's on the home screen and sometimes during gameplay there is a strange audio 'skipping'. Example, when I am moving through a menu the sound between icons will not come through unless the button presses between icons is very fast to instantaneous. It's an annoying niggle.and as a result I use DTS to pass to the TV and downsample it to 2ch PCM which I must because everything else has a delay.

But here is my question. My TV supports ARC, (not eARC) over HDMI. If I bought a newer soundbar that supports ARC over HDMI will this annoying 'skipping' go away? I ask because I consider the higher bandwidth if HDMI might pass it better.

However I also consider that ARC us essentially the same as passing via Optical simply using HDMI because ARC also downsamples PCM to 2ch, which I'm ok with so long as the 'skipping' stops.
I would simply prefer to use PCM over a compressed older format. And the speakers on the TV, while they can output PCM without that annoying issue, they sound awful.

Can anyone advise?

Thank you in advance.

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