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PCH A200 and Windows Home Server


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My A200 has stopped accessing the WHS server.

It appears in "network browser" but when I try to access it I get either " no content found on server", or "request cannot be processed". The latter is usually when I try to get in via a network share (which has been created with the right user name and password).

It used to work fine. I rearranged some of my kit and since then zilch. Latest firmware. Other devices (eg a Mede8er) have no problem. The A200 sees everything else on the network and accesses them no problem.

Its just the WHS which it refuses to talk to:confused:

Any suggestions much appreciated.

New Start Neil

Distinguished Member
Just a thought, but has the IP of the WHS changed?

Remember that the IP of your server is set in the A200 GUI, so if the WHS box now has a different IP to what is in the A200 GUI you won't get anything.


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Not that I think. As I say the WHs appears in network browser.

Its even weirder than I thought - its only the videos folder on the WHS that I can't access. all the others are fine - music, public etc. I've checked all the access settings and they seem fine.

I'm reinstalling WHS today - see if that helps.



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I didn't. The A200 sees all the other shared folders no problem - it just won't access the videos folder. I keep getting the "cannot process request" warning which suggests it's some sort of password/access issue.

I suppose I could put all the files in the public folder but the same thing could happen again.

Frankly I'm stumped. I feel a NAS coming on.

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