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After reading through hundreds of your educated threads and posts I decided to ditch the idea of the panasonic and jvc and went for a sony instead -

I think this is the poor man's pc105 but i have just oredered it from techtronics for £392 and the 105 is way more expensive for little extra functions -

Anyone got any experience with this they wouldn't mind sharing?


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got one on order myself, I wouldn't call it a poor man's 105 though, the only functions it lacks over the 105 are the memorystick slot for stills and DV in. Everything else including the true widescreen is the same as the 105


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where did you order it from? same place and most crucially same price - (i don't know if I really want to hear that you got it cheaper - but i shall ask anyway!):zonked:

Dave Hartnell

As james says the 103 is a dream and basically the same apart from memory card slot. A terrific piece of kit and prices are coming down because its being replaced by something more expensive...but does the same thing!


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I have a PC105 and it is a very nice piece of kit (as is the PC103). The memory stick on the PC105 is no great shakes as the stills have a pretty poor resolution.

Both camcorders however are ergonomically flawed - the layout is very poorly designed.


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just got mine yesterday - and you guys are right it is a sweet camera - looks and feels like quality - yet to test the images When played back on a pc (still got to hook up my firewire card!) -

One or two little gripes though ;

The battery sticks out a little - I am awaitng delivery of an np fm50
(comes in an accessory pack with a case and tape for much the same price as the battery alone) - hopefully this will be slightly smaller....

The zoom is pretty rubbish (10 x) and the digital is not worth bothering with from the looks of the quality

These are the only minor things I found other than that this looks a fine little machine - and i don't think the zoom is that bad (like other people have said) - the button could be bigger and slightly better position but it is still easily controllable

I wonder how you guys found yours?

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