PC World Advent MHE 2000


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I came across the following unit in-store today and it looks very much like the Elonex Artisan but without the Volume Knob:

http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdeaddgdiieffmcflgceggdhhmdgmh.0&page=Product&sku=100182&category_oid=-26035&fm=undefined&sm=undefined&tm=undefined

It has dual tuners which I think are the Nova-T cards but I can find nothing about it anywhere online.

Has anyone had a chance to buy or take a look at one?

You can buy it complete with a Samsung 26" HDTV LCD panel for £1399 or £999 on its own.



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Well I just splashed out and bought one complete with the Samsung LCD. The TV can go in the bedroom and the Advent MHE 2000 is going to accompany my Panasonic 42PV500.

So far initial impressions are very good. Its is almost exactly the same as the Artisan LX but no volume knob and even has a little sticker on one corner which says Artisan M. It has two Hauppauge HVR1100 cards so has dual freeview and dual analogue.

I'll post my experiences here if anyone is interested.

I saw it runnng at PC world, the image looked pants, was not even set up properly, there was a lot of overscan, and a black bar down one side of the samsung, I don't know how they hooked it up but some newbie must of set it up, i'd never buy a system from a place that does not even know how to use it or set it up..


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Yeah it sucks when you come across a setup like that.

The one in my local store was just connected via a standard VGA cable and looked stunning.

I have it all setup first time without any issues at all, and so far it looks great.

I am currently recording one Freeview channel and watching another. About to try burning a DVD once I am finished.



Can you confirm two digital and two analogue tuners on the Advent 2000???

Also how are you fidning the advent after a bit of use, still think its good?

Ask casue I think I might get one in next few days,



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I have the advent dhe 2000 and the samsung tv. Im generally pleased. Here are a few points to consider tho:

1) you cant connect the media center to the tv via dvi/hdmi because the tv dosent support 1:1 pixel mapping so you get big overscan!

2)The graphics card is a ati x300 not a nvidia 6200, it does say the nvidia is supplied on the in store spec sheet, but when I got mine home I relised it had the ati card fitted, :( (thats pc world for you!!!)

3) It takes quite along time to boot up

Im am imppressed with the tuners they work well, also it runs very quite, overall if I was in the market to buy again I would more than likely build my own, or go for the Higrade DMS2 with dual digital tuners when they release the upgraded model.

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