Pc won't start up


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Hey, I've been having a slight problem for a long time, probably a few years.
First of all it was the odd occasion I would press the start button and nothing would happen then a few more presses and it would start.
It's rare that I did turn the pc off anyway but then the few times I did I had trouble every now and then.
A while ago it took ages to get it to start but I got it going and decided to leave it on then and it's been on continuously for ages now.
But the other day I thought with rising energy costs it might be a good idea to turn it off more often when not using it, now I can't get it started.
I've had everything out, all peripherals unplugged, harddrive out, gfx and other cards out etc, tried taking some ram out moving slots, tried connecting the reset switch to the power and even the jump start trick with a screwdriver on the pins.
Still nothing has worked.
The lights on the MB are on and if I plug the keyboard in the lights on that come on too so I know it's getting some power.

Does anyone have any ideas what else to do or have a suggestion as to what might be causing it? Maybe it's the MB gone or the psu not giving enough power?
When it's on there's no problems with the pc at all, it runs fine.



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I make no promises but I had a PC a while back that started having intermittent issues with powering on, those issues got progressively worse until mine wouldn't power on. That did turn out to be a PSU failure so was a simple fix. I'm not saying that's your issue but it's certainly a possibility.


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Thanks Jamie, I decided to go with buying a psu, ordered from amazon this morning, arrived this evening and all working great.

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