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PC won't see gigabit switch


Well-known Member
I have a strange problem with a new MB.

I was happily using a Belkin 5 port gigabit switch with my old MB (Abit) and 3 other bits of kit. The switch is connected to a router in the bedroom.

I changed the MB to an Asus and the LAN port works fine if connected direct to the router, but is dead if connected via the Belkin switch. The other kit still works OK.

I'm stumped - any suggestions please?

Don Dadda

Distinguished Member
This is a strange one and never heard of it before. It shouldn't matter which switch you have, it should still see it as long the switch is configured correctly.:confused: Which obviously it was as you had it working before and now with other kit

But I shall state the obvious and say the problem is with the network card config on the mother board.;)

It may need a firmware update. Have you checked the ASUS website for any firmware updates needed or different network card driver to support this? check their support/forums

Is it plugged in the same port as before you swapped the MB?
Try swapping ports. This shouldn't really matter unless the port in question is dedicated or faulty.

Don Dadda

Distinguished Member
just thought,

What bit does the ASUS netcard support? 10/100mb or 10/1000mb(1gb)

It is possible that if the nic only supports 10/100 and the belkin may not like it. Even this shouldn't be an issue as any switch should be able to handle anything up to its max regardless of what amount of bits is being sent to it.


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most switches and network cards have 2 lights - one for physical link and one for speed detected - this is for basic troubleshooting

so - are you getting a green light either end ?

also does the switch support AUTO-MDI-X ?...in other words it just detects whether a cross-over cable or straight through is connected etc

if the network card is set to Auto-negotiate though try setting it manually to 100 or 1000Mbps - I have seen it where with certain brands you can have auto-negotiate problems


Well-known Member
Thanks guys.

I've tried swapping ports and cables. There are no lights at either end - switch or PC.

The belkin support could only suggest trying updated Realtek drivers.

i'll have a play tomorrow and report back.


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if you have lights there, but they are not lighting up as it were, then you are not getting any physical connectivity

try a process of elimination I guess - a different network card in the PC, or a different switch...a different cable (that you have proved works elsewhere)

thats about it im afraid

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