PC - ultimate silence/ultimate performance. Re: "silencing my CPU cooler" thread.



Just an update to the previous lengthy thread in the subject line above:

Very nearly finished with my "silent cooling" solution. The only fan(s) in my system now are those in the Enermax PSU. With the speed adjuster on it's lowest setting these are very quiet - but NOW I can hear them :mad:

Reason: they are now the ONLY fans in my system. The also hitherto "silent" HDDs are now noticeable.

CPU/GPU & Nthbridge are all watercooled, with my res/pump/rad & fans outside my house :eek:

Next project - watercool PSU (will be replacing the 350w Enermax with a 550w jobbie for this) & HDDs. Actively cooling the HDDs will allow me to "shroud" them in acoustic insulation/isolate them from the chassis.

This is bliss! Another disadvantage is the now very noticeable fan noise from my PJ - but I don't think I'll be watercooling this in the near future!

My ISP server is playing up tonight, so I can't post some pics, but will eventually.

BTW, system is XP2400+ @ 2.535gHz. Radeon 9700 Pro @ 425/750, giving a whopping 17,011 in 3D Mark 2001SE here.

Far more to come, as I'm only on a FSB of 169 due to older memory - XMS3500 soon!

So one CAN have performance (535mHz overclocked AMD chip & wildly oc'ed 9700 Pro), & blissfull silence.

Air just don't do it - pump some H2O through your baby - you know she'll love you for it ;)


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Is watercooled PSU that safe? :p

Sounds like a sweet machine, I have given up modifications, far too expensive especially when combined with my Home Cinema and Mountain Biking fetishes!


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Originally posted by Kramer Radeon 9700 Pro @ 425/750
That memory O/C is exceptional, nice one. :) The bus on the 942 board gets really hairy at 725MHz+. Have you volt-bumped any rails?



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P.S. Been W/C'd for about a year now and it is well worth making the switch, I agree. :cool:

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