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pc-u on the way


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Hello svs owners
I have taken the plunge and my pc-ultra has been ordered.
Reading the threads here , it is recomended that the sub be set up via a spl meter? well i have managed to get hold of a radioshack non digital meter, but there aint a 75 setting on it! it goes from 60 to 120 in tens. so is it better to set it to 80 or 70? slow response weighting C.
Forgive me chaps, but this is all new to me, so any tips or advice on setting up this beast would be very welcome.
Off now to break the news to my wife :eek: ill tell her that its a new litter bin WITH ATTITUDE :D


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I usually set it at 70db, the only reason people set it at 75 is so that the amp will display 00db when at reference level.You can set it at 75db but its much easier to read when its in the middle.


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As Bob says you can use any level you choose for calibration.

The centre mark "0" on the meter is always a round ten dB. 60,70,80 & 90 etc.

So to use a sound level of 75dB (for example) you just turn up the volume until the meter needle points to 70+5dB =75dB. Unfortunately the needle will quickly go off the scale if the sound level rises even slightly while you are calibrating. So it's safer to start with 70dB (or 60dB or 80dB)

90dB is far too tiring and the cat and dog (and significant other) will probably leave home permanently. Don't even think about 100dB without warning us first! :devil:



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Oh you are going to LOVE it!!! The PC Ultra is a fantastic subwoofer, easily one of the best I've heard under £2000rrp.

Wait till it arrives, make sure the other half doesn't see the box ;) (which might be difficult :devil: )


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Thanks guys , i am looking forward to this sub, My nearest neighbours is the local cemetery! so lets see if we can wake the dead!!
Just one quick question, if i have to get a new power lead, kettle lead as ian says, then what fuse rating should it be? 3, 5, 10 or 13 amp? sorry if this sounds like a dumb question :blush:

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