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Nov 17, 2003
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Does anyone know how to get a "decent" picture from my AGP Nvidia FX 5200 with TV-Out? i've tried everything such as updating software drivers, different S-Video cable, all i get on the TV is a disfigured picture with incorrect colours, i've tried all Scart connections as well as S-Video Input.

I've had this TV for 4 months, strange this is.... it was working first 2 months after purchase, now it's not working anymore, i've tried factory reset on TV, nothing works.

I've even called up Philips UK, but they said they cannot guarantee that PC can connect to TV succuessfully. Anyone have any ideas?

You should test the s-video input on the TV with another source, eg DVD player, to make sure that's not the problem.

Almost certainly its the output from the graphics card. Try various resolutions and refresh rates - do you have it set to 800x600? There may be some instructions on the Nvidia web site about setting it up for TV out. It has to be said that TVs do not make good PC monitors - they're not designed for the job. When you say it was working, do you mean you got a good picture at first from the PC via s-video and now you don't?

You won't want to hear this - but ATI radeon cards are generally regarded as better for home cinema applications including feeding TVs.

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