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I was just thinking about resolutions today.
If you run a DVD through the PC what is the resolution to the projector going to be? What I mean is...Im going to get a z4 (have finally decided), but I have only got a DVD player in the pc (hate wasted space). Is this going to effect the z4s native resolution?
Graphics card is ATI 9800 pro.
Will I get a better picture from a seperate DVD?
Also. PC and Xbox gaming, Is there going to be nasty black lines or just a resolution change? The reason for these question is because Im making a fixed size screen that will fit the image perfectly.
I only deal with VGA and composite at work and very rarely get to see home projectors, so any pics of the differences on a screen would be great (TV,DVD,VGA as many as you can).
Cheers people
The PC can output *any* resolution with some tinkering - most PJ's are non-standard resolutions, so not a quick select from a drop down box, but a PC can display any resolution, up to and beyond HD.

Set the PC ouput to the native resolution of the PJ and use some kind of scaling software to up/down scale dvd/xvid/hd source material to this - will be better than the PJ's built in scaler.

Output options: DVI/HDMI, VGA, Component, RGB (over scart). SVHS, Composite in order of decreasing quality. Use the best available to you. Don't waste money on expensive cables.

For PC games with fixed resolution options the PJ will have to scale, but check first as most PC games allow non-standard resolutions via editing *.ini files etc. I'm afraid you will have to research, these forums are not the best place for this and I don't own the same games as yourself.

Only way to examine the difference between various PJ's, input options etc is to see with your own eyes. Setting up a digital camera etc is as troublesome, if not more than AV settings and not a good way to compare equipment. No-one here will argue with that.

PS You should not be getting black lines etc unless you really are trying to be awkward!
if you want a place that can offer good advice on video output from a PC, try the forums at www.anandtech.com
its mostly an american site but with a fair few UK folks posting too, they are for the most part a very friendly bunch with good ideas and helpful info, just avoid the P&N part of the forum, once you go in there, you may never return.....bwahahaha..lol

i find a good VGA cable is fine for gaming, especially with a HD PJ.....however i woudl recommend that if this is for gaming and you prefer good quality, then get an upgrade on the graphics card......if you will not be using HD quality resolutions then a 6600GT is the minimum spec (or the ATi equivelant)...if you are using HD resolutions, then the 6800GT is the minimum really....

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