Pc transfer to NAS slow


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Hi, I've just bought and setup my D-Link DNS-320 NAS server, it's all working streaming etc but I've come across a problem.
I started transferring my download folder to the NAS from my PC which is connected upstairs to a TP-Link 200mbps home plug. It was transferring at about 6mb/s which I thought was average and an eta of around 8hrs (file size was 130gb) but this morning I woke up to it going at 2.27mb/s and it's transferring file names of numbers and doesn't have an eta either just item size remaining of around 25gb.

I am using a BT Home Hub 3, and I have a gigabit card in my pc. Please help me if possible!

Many thanks.

P.s. I'm a n00b at NAS servers!


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Hmm tbh I dont think so it's either films, or music, maybe a couple of far files. But the speed is very slow and it's not changed I've left it all day saying 2hrs this morning and still at 20gb left. :(


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Can you confirm how your devices are connected please, because it's not clear? The DNS-320 has a gigabit NIC, and so does you PC, but the HH3 only has one Gb port. the bottle neck is likely due to one of the devices connected at 100Mb AND the HomPlugs (which probably run about 30Mb/s)

Are your units correct? Mb = Mbits and MB = MBytes.


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Here's how my devices are connected:
BT HOME HUB 3> Ethernet P1: PC VIA HOME PLUG, Ethernet P2: Samsung Blu Ray Player, Giga E: D-Link NAS.

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