PC to TV noob help


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Hi guys hope this post is in the right place.
First off as the title says im a total noob with this sort of thing so go easy:lease:
I have a PC in my bedroom I use for gaming, web browsing and that sort of thing Id really like to connect it to my living room TV to watch movies and possibly play games on that screen.

My PC has a DVI connection and the telly ( an LG323000 ) has an HDMI port so video is not an issue but my PC only has onboard realtek hd audio with one output which I use for the PC speakers. I dont know how to easily set up the audio to work through the TV,s speakers, would a new sound card help? If so how and what sort of leads/connections would you reccommend?


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If ur PC is gonna be connected via HDMI to the LG tv surely the sound will be coming thru that into TV? (my dads PC in living room is like that and is fine)
If it's not and connected via VGA (pc input) then it may just be as easy to use ur existing pc speakers if u not got another sound system down there to plug it into with the Realtek audio as u said. Will u be using HDMI? if so u nothing to worry about. :)
It's good using a TV with PC, i am and it's great.


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Sorry but I forgot to mention that the DVI output is from a graphics card not from the motherboard (as I suspect is the case with your PC or your dads) and from what I have read this will not provide any audio.

My apologies for not being very clear about this on my original post.:oops:

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