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Hey all,

Recently, i've purchased a lush Sony Bravia 40" LCD - KDL40W5500. I'm trying hook up my PC to this in order to watch HD content from my hdd.

Now in the past i've been using 2 cables to hook up my pc to my old tv with S-Video and an audio cable that runs from the soundcard output to the white and red inputs into the tv. This worked a treat, I could play everything from my pc on the tv - no res or sound issues, just crappy pictures from the crappy tv ;)

So now I try to hook up the new LCD.... I bought a DVI-HMDI cable in order to send video from my pc to the LCD. An absolute pain to setup duelviews in nvidia, previously I just cloned both displays and no problems. Now I have to setup 2 different resolutions and then the LCD is only an extension of my desktop. I have to drag over the media player onto the LCD in order for it to see it. Which is fair enough, but I have no sound!

Without an amp/system setup is there noway to get sound into the tv via this method? There isnt a menus I can find within the TV that will allow me to have video from one source (HDMI 4) and sound from another (AV3).

Currently i'm using substandard PC speakers which are 5m away from the tv and quite frankly sound like crap. Having video infront of you and sound coming from your left only sucks. Alternatively I resort to my old methods and use S-video but get no HD quality, which kinda defeats the object of having HD videos and an HDTV.

I've also had issues when tryin to play videos in other formats on the LCD with the DVI cable. It seems only .x264 coded files will play once dragged across to the LCD. Divx, xvid's just dont work. I get a codec error. This has something to do with the inbuilt codecs in the tv?? Why should it? the files are coming straight from my pc. If I connect the TV via S-video they work perfect.

Perhaps VGA is an option here? since there is a VGA port on the back of my tv and a single (a 3.5mm jack it looks like) sound input with it. I hear that VGA is has a max res? and it wont go 1080p? - Atm I don't have a vga cable long enough to test, nor an audio cable that will fit.

In the long run I can see myself building a HTPC system to satisfy my needs, but in the short term whilst I can save my pennys I'm looking for a viable solution to connect my pc to my HDTV.

Thanks for reading,
Any solutions appreciated.


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DVI does NOT carry sound. You will require a stereo cable from your PC sound out to the sound in on the TV associated with the HDMI socket. At least one HDMI socket has a audio in associated with it.
You would normally use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable, see connections both ends, and the TV usually has to set to associate the sound input with the audio jack/HDMI.


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Thanks for the tip I solved the audio problem, any ideas on why when I drag videos that are divx .avi they wont play? Seems like only .mkv will..
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