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I'm trying to hook a Sony 10HT 1366X768 projector upto my laptop which has an crappy intel 82855 GM card. The external monitor output only seems to provide resolutions for 4 X 3 monitors i.e. 1024 X 768.

Does anyone know how I can get it to drive the full 1366 X 768 or somewhere closer i.e. 1280 X 768 ?

The build in screen appears to work OK with 1280 X 768.




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Ýou're out of luck................ the 10HT won't accept a 1:1 pixel match......

Check this out

The biggest problem with using a computer to play DVDs is thatthe Sony locks into 4x3 mode when it detects any of the standardcomputer resolutions, and you can’t select "Full"mode to fill up the screen. If you use a card that can handle non-standardresolutions (the Nvidia GeForce and the Matrox G200 & G400),and create a 1366x768 resolution, the Sony will effectively scaleit to 1024x768 and still lock to 4x3. There is some hope thatSony will change this with a new firmware revision, but for now there is no way to drive the whole panel at 1366x768.

However, if you have one of the above-mentioned cards, you cancreate an 1184x666 resolution, with the appropriate front/backporch settings so that the Sony will recognize it as 720p HDTV.You will need either the Matrox Powerdesk software, or a programcalled PowerStrip which allows custom resolutions on supportedcards.

.........from a FAQ here...

You could google a bit more yourself, you might discover whether there's been a firmware upgrade, but I don't think there has.....

Sean G.


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dependant on whether the graphics chipset will accept it you can use the followig resolutions to fool the 10ht into thinking it isnt a PC signal and then it will use the full panel. But - as previously pointed out it isnt 1:1 pixel mapping. Text therefore is a bit blurry. Films look fanatastic though.

Using Powerstrip you can set up these resolutions:


Fantastic source of knowledge devoted to 10HT is here:



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Thanks for the info, but powerstrip would mean I need to upgrade my graphics card, and it was only for a quick look at some wmv 720p stuff.

Don't really want to start spending loads of time and money setting up a HTPC.

Again thanks for the useful info.


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