PC to Screenplay 4805 via VGA breakout??


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Oct 9, 2005
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When the LCD was set I'd run RGB leads and S-video, I can run a vga lead round the room into the HDMI and pull a good picture using the 6600 GT card in teh PC.

But i bought a VGA to RGB breakout so that i could use the existing cabling in the walls, but the LCD will not accept the signal. Using the G of the RGB in the compisite input it constantly comes up with setting up image and out of range. But using the RGBinput it will not even begin to set up the image.

At the moment its in clone mode with two displays and TV and the LCD, the LCD is being treated as an analouge display.

Am i gonna need a scan converter in the mix to allow the image to be processed?
erm, im thoroughly confused, can you explain things in a different way?

so there is a VGA cable in existence that you want to use? For an RGB signal?

What is the LCD? Do you mean the 4805? This is a DLP projector.

What has HDMI?
No there is currently no vga cable in the roof, but I have bought a vga to rgb cable hoping to make use of the rgb in the roof.

Yeah sorry by lcd i mean the 4805, i realise it is an dlp but tend to call all projectors by lcd..

Yeah if i put the vga into the DVI (HDMI) input on the back of the pj that gives a good image.

VGA is in effect RGB anyway is it not?

that make any more sense? :confused:
So you mean you want to use the VGA to M1-DA(the connector on the back of the 4805) via an RGB cable?

RGB is virtually VGA, RGB has a combined sync and VGA has a seperate horiz and vert sync (i think that is the right way round!)

I must admit i am not sure what your problem is - but i am sure somebody else will be able to answer.

I do not know what happens with the sync - some RGB cables have 5 BNCs others have 3 connections (where i assume the sync is superimposed on one of those somewhere). It sounds a bit like your syncs are missing / messed up.

Sorry not much help,

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