PC to PS5: Best wireless Keyboard, mouse, and headet recommendations for PS5


Hey guys,

New to this forum so hope I don get automatically banned for asking basic questions like on Reddit.

Im a long time PC gamer, and while I want to learn to use the dual sense controller, I'n older, and the learning curve is steep. FPS in particular is nearly impossible for me t get on target, whereas wit a mouse and keyboard I can point to a singel pixel.

What wireless keyboard and mice combination are proving to work well with the PS5? I like then ewer Logitech products, such as the Logitech G915 TKL keyboard and Logitech G502 mouse. How have connection issues and lag been? What products do yo recommend?

As for headsets, looks like the 3D headsets around, but Im wondering if its the best experience, and what othe roptionss are favoed in this community.

Also open to games that will help train me up on the controller. Cold War isn't it.

Thank you for any recommendations, and for having me.


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I don't know anything about gaming mice and keyboards, and I suppose not many here will either unless they also have a pc. Most folks stick with the standard controller.
I tried to connect my G915 to my PS4 Pro and it connects but doesn’t respond to any keyboard inputs. I’m not sure if PS5 is the same, but I would double check.

Also, very few games are actually compatible. With another keyboard I managed to get Warzone and Fortnite working nicely though, but the FPS was horrible - would obviously be much nicer in a PS5. Most Logitech micr seem ok.

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