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what is the best way to connect my pc to my pj for dvd use? i have s-video out on my grafix card. my pj can exept s -video, component and vga?

Maff et1

VGA is the best connection (HDMI/DVI is usually the best option if you have it, failing that VGA) - try to get 1:1 pixel mapping (so the PC resolution is the same as the projectors panel).

Monty Burns

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Does this mean that if my projector supports a hidef resoloution, the computer is set to it and its linked via VGA then that screen is technicaly "Hidef"?

Ooo ... also, does this mean any DVD i drag to it is also then being played/upscaled to that hidef res?

How much lower is the quality when using component in these situations?

Cheers for any answers!

Maff et1

Your PJ is 1024x768 (4:3 aspect), Hidef is generally accepted to be 720 (or more) lines in 16:9 aspect. When displaying a 16:9 image you'll be using 1024x576, that's the bad news, the good news is 1024x768 is going to be easy to get your PC to drive with a good stable image.

You could use component (the ATI cards support a component breakout box), but the PJ would have probably have to scale (it's component mode is likely to only accept standard broadcast sizes). So, it'd cost you more and give a worse image. And, as it uses the same port on the PJ (I think the 6210 uses a component converter to the vga connection) the only advantage I can think off is being able to re-use an existing cable. But even then I'd replace it with VGA for this.

The PC will indeed upscale any DVD's to it's native resolution.
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