PC to Philips 42 PFL 7403D HDMI Unsupported video format error

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by zanzibaron, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Could please help me with this quite strange problem I am experiencing:
    I bought a new Philips 42 PFL 7403D, connected it to my Dell M1330 laptop(Vista, 2Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS, 128 Mb RAM) via HDMI. I set it up as a primary monitor, and it worked well, I watched some movies and the quality was very good. All this was yesterday.
    However, when I turned on the Tv and the laptop today and I tried to do the same, I got a blank screen and an error message: "Unsupported video format"
    I did not change any settings since the previous day, I just turned off the computer and the TV.

    I checked the manual and technical specifications, tried to use several different resolutions (1920x1080p, , none of them worked, I always get the blanks screen and the same error message.

    What is quite strange is also the fact that when I am trying to set different resolutions for the Philips, sometimes there are only low resolutions available(up to 1280x800) in the dispaly settings panel, and sometimes there are hi-res(1920x1080)

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