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I am building myself an htpc to sit next to the tv. The card has dvi and svhs outputs on the back. It can also handle i believe 2 screens with different resolution setups.

The tv i have just checked and has 2 scarts (will be used, but not a problem) svhs (unused), component sockets (used xbox), vga 15pin dsub and hdmi.

Obviously looking to watch films etc, but also bring up the internet on it occasionally. I have tried a laptop into the vga socket and didn't look too crisp. But what would be the best for the internet and playback?

Wasn't sure if hdmi would look ok for internet side of things as well, or better to use a splitter type cable and have one for playback and one for internet.

(Pc is nearly built, but tv is packed away upstairs as doing some renovating so not able to test but i can source the cables for when needed.)

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Just use a DVI to HDMI cable such as this :

Amazon.co.uk: dvo to hdmi cablle

You will need to use the audio of your mobo for any sound out as DVI does not carry audio..
DVI and HDMI are the same, only DVI not carrying any sound..
Both those are the best quality signal you will get for PC..
They are both digital carriers as apposed to VGA which is analog and suffers from slight ghosting..

Hope this helps..



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Thats great.

Although my card does say

ATI Avivo™ HD video & display technology

1. Hardware processed HD video acceleration (UVD)
2. HD video playback1
3. Built-in HDMI2 for one-cable audio and video connectivity
4. 5.1 (AC3) surround sound

So will hdmi2 cable work coming off the dvi socket???

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if you already have a HDMI, just use that..


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