Question PC to imac with bootcamp dilemma.


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I have a 3 screen set up on a Dell XPS PC, it's not the quickest now and struggles with some stuff. I bought a 2nd hand imac to use to do 4k video editing from my drone footage. This is in the corner of my room not where I sit looking out the window and it can cope with all 4k stuff I do.

I looked into getting a PC to use with my 3 screens for 4k editing but they are thousands of pounds so I thought maybe I get an decent powerful imac 2nd hand and 2 2nd hand Thunderbolt screens and install Bootcamp onto the imac? I don't use the apple mouse or keyboard I have Logitech MX ones which I prefer.

Does anyone use Bootcamp on imac, is it just like using a PC and combined with my normal mouse and keyboard I will find it user friendly like I do my set up now? This way I keep my 3 screen set up which I need and I get a computer/mac that I can use for everyday work and 4k video editing from where I sit at my desk.



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What is the spec on your Dell XPS pc? Processor, ram, main drive, graphics?

Surely all you need is a better graphics card in that pc to drive 3 screens?

You seem to have a notion that Macs are the most powerful computers around. They are not. Driving 3 screens on any iMac whilst entirely possible, is going to strain it’s gpu. Especially if you go 4K screens. Then you want to run Windows on the iMac?? Brad! This is madness!!

Last point is why 3 screens? You have 2 eyes and they cannot view 3 monitors simultaneously. 2 monitors is fine unless you work on CCTV monitoring.


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Apple's PCs tend to hold onto the most value second hand. Or to put it another way you get the least performance for your money compared to any other brand.

In short, an iMac is about the worst possible model you could pick if you're finding yourself performance and budget limited.

Windows runs like on any other PC.

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