Hello all, wondering if anyone out here has connected a pc to an HDTV?
i read that you need a program called PowerStrip, but i also came across this vga-->component adapter (http://www.ati.com/support/connectors/componentvideo/cablecomponentvideoadapter.html)
As you can see this adapter has jumpers on it to set depending on the compatibility of the HDTV. Does this mean that if you shut off pc, then connect adapter, then tv , then set jumper (to say 1080i) then turn pc on, it will be at an optimum resolution and refresh rate the tv can accept?
Any help appreciated. Thank You


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Originally posted by rmoase
Hello all, wondering if anyone out here has connected a pc to an HDTV?

Not likely given that this forum's mainly UK based and HDTV is a long long way away.


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Sorry to sound dumb, but what is the big deal over HDTV? I was in the states last year, and while shopping, I checked out some other newer CRT's, which we're supposedly HDTV, and didn't see a difference (these we're Sony Wega's I believe), apart from not being widescreen - some reason they dont like widescreen, so they have uber size 4:3 ;)

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Just because a TV says it can support an incoming HDTV signal doesn't mean it can actually resolve all that information accurately. It may be that you saw an HD-ready TV that was being fed a standard def signal. It may also be that it was just garbage......

Once you see good HD you'll understand.


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