PC to HDTV steup help needed!


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Someone please help!!
I'm trying to connect my pc (WIN XP / WIN7 dual boot) with my new HIS Radeon HD5850 to my HDTV (Mirai T27004), via DVI (it's an early HDTV, with no HDMI).
The TV has all other popular inputs (VGA, SCART, Component, Composite).
According to the manual of the TV, it's native res is 1366x768, but is capable of 480i / 480p / 720i / 720p / 1080i.
The only res I can select in the CCC is 640x480, there are no others to choose from in the list, it's not like the higher rez's are greyed out.
A desktop will appear on the screen, but it isn't the whole image, just a small section of it, like the taskbar etc are way off screen. It does fill the screen tho, it's like it's zoomed right in.
Would using another cable such as a HDMI to DVI, or a DVI to VGA adaptor make any difference?
The main reason I bought this card is so I could play pc games on the couch on my tv at higher resolutions than my normal pc monitor will allow.
Do I need to install any additional software to get it to work?
I'm using the latest ATI drivers, for XP & Win7.
Any ideas on how I can make the card output a res of 1080i to the TV?
Or is there no hope and I'll have to get a more up to date TV?



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In the CCC go to "Desktop Properties" and under "desktop area" it lists resolutions, does it list a HDTV sub section and from within that you can select a variety of outputs, I'd try 720p first if present as the TV will just end up scaling that 1920x1080 signal down to 1366x768.

Your TV almost certainly has a lower resolution than your computer monitor they've been "HD" for ages well before TV's unless it's a real old computer display.


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Here's the strange thing, just tried again, and on XP I can select 1280x720, and things work just fine, I can see the whole desktop, and even when running a game I can select any rez up to 1920x1080.
But when I fire up Win7, again I can only choose 640x480, and when in a game, no other resolutios ar available either.
Just wasted money on 2 new cables / adaptors which made absolutely no difference.
I tried what you suggested, but it made no difference, still only 640x480 will work, and the on window screen windows are so big I can't even make the mouse pointer go to the bottom to hit 'ok', it's off screen.


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I am using the latest AMD drivers for both XP and 7,
thats why I can't understand why it'll kinda work in XP but not 7.


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i seen this on an old 1080 tv with no hdmi before, i think the graphics card was nvidia but this might be helpful anyway.

basically somewhere in the display settings it showed the resolutions compatible with the tv, there was a check box saying show compatible resolutions only, I unchecked that to show all resolutions and tried 1920 x 1080 and it was fine.

hope that helps

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