PC to HDTV problem - help please?

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    Hi all new to the Forum, had a quick search but it's a big forum so apologies if this a duplication.

    I have a Sharp LC-52XD1E add I'm connecting my pc using a 1m DVI-I to HDMI connector.

    I can get it to display at 1920 X 1080 but when you look at the image close up there is a 3 stepped shadow effect (ghosting) as if the image is very slightly displaced. This happens when the image is static or moving and is particularly noticeable on Windows text.

    I've tried playing with the custom display settings on the PC, but I think I'm lacking the knowledge in this area to get anything but the 'auto' settings to work and I'm not even sure 'manual' settings would help my problem.

    When I adapt out of the graphics card with a DVI to VGA and plug theVGA cable into the RGB PC component port the maxium clear resolution I can get is 1280x720 but even this looks clearer than 1920 X 1080 HDMI option.

    Can anyone help please?

    Incidentally my graphics card is Nvidia 8800 GTX.

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