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Feb 12, 2019
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Hello, first post here despite I read you from long time.
I use a modern Win10 pc as a media center (i5 with GeForce GT 620 video card) and I had no issues with my previous FullHD Samsung TV that had no Motion Interpolation engine or with another simple fullhd monitor I have.
Now I've replaced it with a new UHD TV with more sophisticated image engine and I started having troubles.
When using the PC/Monitor/Graphic mode (or any other modes that have no image improvement feature loaded) movies are playing smoothly without any issue (except for dull colors obviously).
When using any mode with image enhancements the video starts to have micro stuttering and it's absolutely annoying as you may imagine.
At first I tried a Philips 6500 series that went completely nuts in Movie mode with serious frame drops and slowing down. At first I thought it was because it was a cheap model so I've exchanged it for a better Sony Bravia XF70 series but I got the same result! Perfectly smooth in "Graphic" mode (no Motionflow available) but with micro stuttering in Movie mode despite being less weird than the Philips (maybe better engine).
I have no idea on how to solve it or where to look for!
The video card is set to 1080p, 60Hz and I tried both connecting trough a splitter and going straight into the TV. I tried also using 50Hz because I've read that the TV has Motionflow™ XR 200Hz (Native 50Hz) but nothing changed.
Have you tried playing the Movies at 24p? The correct playback mode should be based on the Source content rather than a global setting.

Hmmm that video card is a less than powerful one , in conjunction with a i5 from the same era it may not be up to the task . It also be that the system memory and hard drive data transfer speed may not be the best . I have found that for video p/B hdmi to hdmi you need a quite high spec PC -- rebuild time possibly LOL
You shouldn't have dull colours in PC mode.

For the main issue are you sure you're not just seeing the limitations of motion interpolation? It's not a perfect prediction and does create artefacts.
As Joe said, the issue was about the correct 24p synchronization between source file, PC and TV.
I've researched the topic around and I found that VLC isn't perfectly suited for this job so I tried Kodi with the automatic display rate feature and now movies are displayed smoothly in every mode, I've activated also the movie setting (to better sync 24p content) and the display info now correctly says 1080p 24p.

As for the PC configuration it's the same configuration that properly worked with other monitors with same resolution and if that was the case the video should stutter also in pc mode. So the issue was excluded.

With the Philips TV, the PC mode had no contrast, no sharpness, dull colors and the image configuration was very limited.
The Sony TV is way better in handling un-synced content, with less artifacts and the graphic mode has better colors and definition than the Philips, but the cinema mode offers more settings to customize the image as I wish with both TVs.

Anyway it's solved, thank you :thumbsup:

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