PC to 32" LCD - connection help.


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I have a PC running two graphics cards with a spare VGA and DVI outputs.

I have a 32" LCD TV which I want to connect it to which has 3x HDMI inputs (one spare with audio jack input) and a VGA input (with corresponding audio jack).

Distance wise I need around a 10m cable to be safe.

Logic says get a 10m cable to connect the vga (PC) to vga (TV) and an audio cable. Only problem is my vga connection on my pc is blocked off by the wall mount and even one of the right angled adapters wont seem to do the trick.

I therefore need to convert either VGA or DVI to HDMI.

Would the cable below be appropriate to achieve this along with another cable for audio?

★ DVI to HDMI 10m Gold Cable V1.3 Video HDTV Lead 1080P on eBay (end time 02-Aug-10 01:22:57 BST)

Thanks in advance!
it'll do the job but cheap price = cheap quality, add another tenner onto your budget and get a good quality cable for the job.

you are aware that you will get a slight delay between moving your mouse on pc and it moving on your lcd right? or at least most cases you will. not much, barely a second usually.


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A long VGA cable is a bad idea as you get a poor quality picture.

HDMI should be fine. You can't do VGA to HDMI (despite people selling the cables on eBay!), but DVI to HDMI is OK.

If you are very lucky you might get audio over the cable too, but it would depend on the features of your graphics card.


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Thanks for the answers!

I only really need it for things like iplayer.

Looks like ill be getting the long DVI to HDMI cable.


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Yeah that will be fine. you shouldn't get any delay with the set up. I have a similar set up myself and both audio and picture work great. No delay at all.
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