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Hi everyone I’m looking for some advice regarding a new computer system. I will be using it for playing command & conquer generals and the upcoming red alert 3, dawn of war 1 & 2 etc. The system I’m looking at is from overclockers and I need to know if it will run the games and similar one the spec is-

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 GO 2.40GHz Quad Core CPU Overclocked too a minimum of 3.00GHz and beyond.
- Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Intel approved cooler
- Abit IP35 Pro XE Intel P35 (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
- Award winning Corsair 2GB PC2-6400 CAS4 (2x1GB) Dual Channel Kit (Overclocked at 850MHz+) (Note when upgrading to 4GB overclock drops to 3.00GHz on CPU)
- 500GB Seagate 32MB Cache SATA-2 Hard Drive
- NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB GDDR3 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) DirectX 10 Graphics Card
- Pioneer DVR-216DBK 20x DVD±RW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter (Black)
- OCZ 600W Next Generation Power Supply
- Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System - Black
- Samsung SM-226BW 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Black
- Saitek Eclipse 2 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard - Blue/Red/Purple
- Razer Krait 1600dpi Professional Gaming Mouse



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If your getting the 4Gb RAM....

I think something like that will run Crysis on Full. So should be more than able to what you require.


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Spec looks good to me - will certainly run those games. If i were you, i'd look at a bigger monitor though - for those types of games, i find having a larger screen a real bonus....



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an 8800gt will not run crysis on full settings on a 22inch monitor, dont get me wrong its still a good gaming system but crysis is a dog to run, some say due to its poor coding.
all the other games you should be fine with.
remember that if you do get 4gb of ram you will need a 64bit operating system in order to use all 4gb


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System is excellant for running any game that is currently out on the market. Just to correct the previous poster no you do not need 64bit Windows if you intend on using 4gigs of RAM. Although Windows does not state you as having 4gigs of RAM it still utilizes it. The maximum amount of non ECC registered RAM supported on an OS is 4gigabytes.

Video card RAM does not apply to this problem as it is addressed by the operating system in a completely different manner.


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Sorry BigEvilJimmy (and Hellrazer) but CP-PC has it right. On a 32 bit version of Windows the more ram the videocard has the less Windows will be able to use of 4GB. It will make available what it can but it won't be full 4GB due to the memory overlap. If that was wrong so many people wouldn't complain about it or report less memory available from adding a videocard with more memory >Google search link<, >Microsoft support page<. You don't get the same problem with 2GB installed as they don't currently make a videocard that would reach that far down in memory.

2GB ram is a good choice as long as you intend to buy Windows XP, if you want Vista I'd suggest the 64 bit version and 4GB ram as it's pretty memory hungry itself.

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro you chose is great for the price from all I've read if you're working to a budget.

I think you'll find the 9800GTX not too far from the 8800GT (512mb version) price and it's the equivalent of the 8800GTX Ultra, faster in some ways and should make Crysis much more enjoyable. Here's an example but you might want to do a more thorough search for a cheaper one, this Novatech 9800 GTX 512 was one I had bookmarked and sells for £134.52 including the vat and postage.

If you're installing WinXP you might be better off with an IDE version of the DVD rewriter, people seem to have problems installing from Sata from what I read. Maybe it's just they didn't try the SATA dvd in IDE mode in the bios though. I only have IDE rewriters so I can't check that out myself.

If you want 5.1 speakers I noticed these a while back. Should be about the same price as the ones you picked though I've no personal experience of them. Just had my eye on them for a backup computer. Extra Value Black 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - 23W RMS With Wireless Remote

I got Creative 5.1 speakers for my main comp, they're double the price though still pretty cheap.

I just took a look at your motherboard. Not sure why you want that particular model as I haven't gone into the details of it but I found this one based on the same chipset from the same site that looks pretty impressive and cheaper. It has solid capacitors and Gigabit LAN the same as your choice which is a big plus and it says supports core2quad in the detailed description even though it only says core2duo on the link (which is why I think you may have skipped it).
MSI P35 Neo2-FR Intel P35 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard and as it's a crossfire board which lets you put two ATI videocards in you might want to look at the ATI cards rather than Nvidia. You might be able to work out a cheap way to get two ATI cards that together have the same performance as an expensive one for less.

Their description of the specifications looks a bit odd to me. I suggest you go here directly to the MSI site to check out the details.
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