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I have just sorted my PC out and am looking forward to playing some of the games that I have missed.

I have a Radeon 9500, 512DDR, 3 gig. Would this be OK? What kind of (reasonable)upgrades would improve this?

Many thanks.


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Well a Radeon 9800Pro would be ideal and 1GB of ram although I only have 512KB and it seems to be running ok now. Apart from that you should be ok



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During the last few weeks, I've noticed plenty of people on a couple of gaming forums (and perhaps Usenet) mentioning that an extra 512 Meg is helpful.

You may not be able to 'max out' the game's details; but that 9500 should be fine. Though I'm still playing with settings on my new box, I've got the Far Cry 'Research' demo running smoothly on my (new) AthlonXP 2500+ and (old) Radeon 9000 Pro - with reduced detail, of course :zonked: And it still looks good to me :cool:

For that extra performance and/or ability to use some of the more visually attractive settings, you may want to turn off or reduce the level of anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing that's used. I guess some people just ask too much of their hardware... :thumbsup: :laugh:

Oh, as it may be relevant, there's 128 Meg on the video card and a full gig of RAM on the 'board in my system.

In conclusion...

Go for the RAM! :D


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I found that a good healthy size of swop file under windows helps a lot to. Mine is set at 1gig.


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Definately extra 512Mb Memory and an upgrade to a Radeon 9800 pro (now around £130 was around £300 a few months ago) or higher if you've got money to burn. Far cry looks absolutely stunning on a high end machine.

What render do you lot use (cold, paradise etc) I'm currently using improved and I hear people using cold on indoors environments are reporting a few more fps with no apparent loss of pq. I'm averaging 35 fps in doors (50-60fps outside) which is quite playable. If you want to know your fps type \r_displayinfo 1 in the console:)


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How do you get into the console? I just know that's a stupid question but I can't figure it out!
I'm now running with all settings on very high expect texture quality which is medium, got medium antialiasing on and 4x antrioscopic, runs sweet and looks bloody amazing!



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press the teal (sp?) key left of no. 1 when in game and a window pops up. Just enter the string I gave you and hey presto it gives you screen info. To get it back to normal type \r_displayinfo 0.


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Originally posted by Hawklord
press the teal (sp?) key left of no. 1

that would be the 'tilde' key then :rotfl: :p

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