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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by FruitBat, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Bit of a lo-fi query, I'm afraid.

    I have a bog-standard set of speakers on my PC (not HTPC) connected to onboard sound. I would like to get something a bit better to improve the sound from a TV card. I notice that a lot of the PC speakers available now are more than just the usual stereo. There's loads of 2:1, 5:1 etc.

    The question is (and it may seem a bit dumb, but it's not obvious to me), what do I need to make use of these? Will they plug into the single PC audio socket or will I need a new soundcard with extra connections? Do the 3-speaker sets just daisy-chain together or connect to the PC separately?
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    It mainly depends on where you want to listen to the sound but If for use sat at the PC, I've been astonished at the sound quality from a £12 set of speakers complete with a small sub woofer. You just plug these into the audio out socket where your current speakers are. You get a surprisingly good quality of sound from the basic on board (on the motherboard) sound chip.

    A 2:1 is two speakers or two fronts and a subwoofer, essentially a simple stereo set up. These are as I described above and not only plug into the sound out jack socket but are powered via a small built in amplifier for which there is a small power pack. Then it's all down to the wattage etc of the speakers you buy. OR, you can simply connect from the same jack plug to your living room amp if you like. As I said, depends on what you want and where.

    In a living room though you'd probably be looking at 5:1 or higher (7:1 for instance) which really refers to dolby type surround sound and you'll need an additional sound card, a room full of speakers (5 or 7 hence the 5:1, 7:1), enough cabling to stretch to the moon and back as well as an unhealthy habit of lingering around newsagents magazine shelves scouring for anything that is entitled What, Which or Why - Hi Fi, Cinema, PC etc. :thumbsup: And your partner will hate you too :thumbsdow

    The only daisy chain effect is normally the mains socket extensions you collect and connect together as you buy more and more peripherals for your PC. I think under my table, I have about 5 all connected together! I've got some plugs that I've no idea what they are connected to or where the wires go! I think the neighbour has cottoned on and added some of his own mains plugs :)

    On the other hand, headphones are quite good these days :smashin:

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