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Ok so here goes, just finished setting up my new screen, came across some Dell speakers 5.1 surround i had for an old PC, would i be able to use these with my screen? They have 3 plugs on them Yellow,Green & Black.



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Give the exact brand and model of the speakers, and are they Dell speakers, or did you merely buy them from Dell? And you could save us all a lot of time if you could provide a web link to the speakers.

Next, what does "...just finished setting up my new screen..." mean? Does it mean you spent £2000 on a new projector and projection screen, and now you are trying to cheap out by using some computer speakers? We need context.

It may be remotely possible to use the speakers, but these are pretty minimal speakers, and will only suffice in the barest of fashions. I think I can safely say that even without knowing exactly what the speaker are.

We need -

1.) many more details.
2.) precisely what speakers are they?
3.) if you can't use the speakers to your satisfaction, what is you budget for new equipment to replace the speakers?

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Blue Wizard's right, there's not exactly a wealth of info to get us going in the op.

Post some more info so we can advise you better :)


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If this is a set of analog 5.1 pc speakers it will have three 3.5mm stereo jacks as inputs - one for front l/r, one for rear l/r and another for center/sub ... so - depending on what device you want to attach them to you're going to need it to output analog 5.1 at line level. If by "setting up a new screen" you mean you got a new telly - then 99.9% you're out of luck cos' i haven't seen any with analog 5.1 outputs!

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