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Hi, would like a little advise if possible. I currently listen to *just* about all my music on my PC (mp3 mainly and some CDs), I have a stock onboard sound card and 2.1 creative speakers which arnt that bad.
Was wondering is anyone could point me in the direction of a good stereo sound card sub 100 and not creative?? ( compat problems)
Also is it worth buying ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGO 2s? for £99 on superfi? i heard they were well worth the money, and as i have little room for floor standers would these be the best option?
And last question, also kinda looking at getting a new cheap 5.1 system,
Pioneer 575, Pioneer 301 AV are these any good? and could you recommend me some 5.1 sub £200 speakers?
Sorry about all the questions/might be posted in wrong forum


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Have you considered connecting your comp to an amp? try and get a card with line outs on and connect to an amp, the difference between this set up and comp speakers is defo worth it, especially if you are using it as your main cd playing device. I have been doing this for years.


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I also think that considering seperates is something to look into (it's want I've done) but would cost a lot more for a decent set-up then computer speakers. As for sound cards. Try the E-mu 0404: http://www.emu.com/products/product.asp?maincategory=754&category=754&product=2220 for superior 2.1 sound (it can't do 5.1).

For 5.1 try the M-audio revolution at £99: http://www.maudio.co.uk/products/en_gb/Revolution71-main.html

If you want computer speakers then look at the Logitech z-5500 which are a bit over budget at £211 but get good reviews: http://overclock.co.uk/customer/product.php?productid=18254


I record bands in studio but I sometimes mix on protools with my monitors,
I also play games with them , they are amazing once you have heard music on these you wont go back (and by the way you wont want to play mp3s anymore because with increased clarity you can hear the lack of digital resolution mp3 has) The speakers are powered (each has an internal matched amplifier) Speakers designed with a fairly flat frequency response so you hear without colouration what the director/game sound engineer wanted you to hear.( normal speakers colour the sound and usually due to small speakers they have no bottom end.

The speakers are about 350 but you can get a separate amp and buy the passive version(no amp ) for about 140 they are tannoy active reveals.
Theres no point in 5.1 if its a crap version of what was intended and if you get cracking speakers you can here eeverything.
I use mine for mixing audio playing games and watching dvds.


I would personally get the Aego 2 replacements which have been renamed Aego Music. Probably the best 2.1 system on the market IMHO. They are out in a week or two and Acoustic Energy have informed me they will retail for the same price (sub £100). Ive heard good reports also of the Logitech Z-2300's so check them out as an alternative.


Excellent Gaz cheers for the link. There the ones for me will be ordering a pair v shortly.

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