PC setup for video editing?


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I want to make the most of my pc in terms of video editing. Here's some new stuff I have got to work with:

40 Gb Seagate Barracuda IV
120 Gb Seagate Barracuda V
Windows XP Pro
Pinnacle Studio 8

Here's what I'm thinking of doing with this lot:

Install XP on the 40 Gb drive and have that as the boot drive
Install Studio 8 on the 120Gb drive and have that as sort of a dedicated video editing drive.

Does that sound like the best setup? Any suggestions on a better setup, partitioning, tips and tricks would be most appreciated.

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Use the 40Gb drive as boot drive but also put ALL other software on this drive and ONLY have your captured video/sound on the 120Gb drive. This gives the best performance as the only access on the video drive is the video, all other work is done on the boot drive. I bought a preconfigured editing machine setup as above, and this is the recommended method.
Another tip is download a programme called EndItAll (do a search to find it). This will stop ALL background programmes such as anti virus etc wich can cause problems while video editing.

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Go with Marks advice but partition the small drive to add a small 2 gig area and set XP to use this as Virtual Memory page file disk.
Also turn off the system recovery for all but C: and reduce the size reserved by half of the default.
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