PC settings for Smart Hub 2 link up to TV

The upstairs Wifi PC is OK. The downstairs Samsung series 5 TV is plugged into into the hub(CAT5e) , and shows all internet ,gateway, ping, etc, are OK.
TheTV shows up on the PC devices list. Wifi is shared and settings for it seem OK. Local is enabled but a lot of the IPv4 , except auto config.values are missing? Connections show all but multiplexor? Network/configure highlights 'Client for microsoft Networks' The Smart Hub 2 shows the TV details in the ethernet connections The Green box for the PC on the Hub web page shows a blue ' D' ? But the box for the TV doesn't ? The PC device list shows the TV as having UPnP transport?Device Manager shows TV umpass? Reply? keep it simple.


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You've started half way through your troubleshooting process without a description of what you're trying to do and what happens when you try.

There's generally three common things you'd want to do between a PC and a TV.

1. Stream video files over a network for the TV to play using a protocol like DLNA.

2. Use apps on the PC to control and cast to apps on the TV using DIAL or a similar protocol.

3. Mirror the PC's display on the TV using a protocol like Miracast.
Well it will basically be mirroring the Chrome Browser,BBC iplayer, desktop and VLC libraries. I won't be using Movie streaming services. I'm really trying to find out if the settings are correct as the PC and the TV indicate they are both internet linked with the settings shown in my first Post.


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Your PC and TV are showing that they are connected to the internet via the BT Hub. Just because the PC shows up the TV does not mean they are connected. Given the age of your TV the only way you will get the PC displaying on it - is as an extra monitor for the PC.

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