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Question PC, Samsung HT-J4530 and lg 42pj550


Novice Member
Hi there,

I hope someone can kindly help. The title pretty much sums up the query. I'm after advice on how best to connect my PC to both my new Samsung HT-J4530 and TV (lg 42pj550). I connect my PC to TV via HDMI for netflix which works fine. Setup from HT-J4530 to TV via HDMI is wonderful too. Where I struggle however, is when I am streaming netflix from PC to TV and want to use the HT-J4530 for surround sound. Do I need to connect the PC directly to the home theatre to get the sound working? The HT-J4530 only has one HDMI port so how would I connect the PC to the HT-J4530 (if that is the correct approach?)

Looking through the manual offers no clear way of connecting these up and in browsing forums I have not been too lucky. This is probably a basic question that might be asked a lot, but any help would be really useful.


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